SITAFITT is an Online Personal Training Service for WOMEN. As a company we encourage all women to find their VOICE and STRENGTH through fitness. SITAFITT Programming isn't just about physique progression but we are determined to equally create your STRONGEST MINDSET that gives life to lost confidence. SITAFITT is here to encourage, support, inspire and educate you to build the BEST version of yourself inside and out!


We believe that all women have a VOICE that needs to be herd and all women have a CONFIDENCE that is worth being discovered and unraveled. Building strong and confident women to conquer their PURPOSE and POSITION These women are the future.


SITAFITT was founded by Kristie Sita in 2017 upon her graduation from the National Academy Of Sports and Medicine with a Personal Training Certification. From a very young age kristie knew she wanted to change the world of fitness through the eyes of women.

After surviving a life threatening boating accident in 2014 the only way Kristie recovered was through her pursuit of fitness and dance despite the adversity she faced of the amputation of her left hand. Kristie is determined to help other women through SITAFITT to come back into their light and discover the power within them after building a strength based confidence both mentally and physically.




Kristie is the founder and head trainer of SITAFITT working to encourage and educate women on the importance of fitness and finding their voice and strength within.

At the young age of sixteen Kristie was faced with the ultimate trial of her faith and passions after surviving a life threatening boating accident witch resulted in the loss of her left hand.

Kristie now pursues both the Film and Television Industry and Fitness Industry as the only single-handed Professional Dancer and Coach across Canada. Working to inspire and shine light to everyone in her path.

Overcoming each obstacle that followed the amputation is what makes Kristie who she is today, an incredibly courageous, driven, passionate and glowing inspiration to anyone in her presence.


In the small town of Sechelt, Sunshine Coast; Kristie began dancing at the early age of 5 where she swiftly developed the inspiration to pursue dance. Kristie’s intense training in the styles of Contemporary, Tap, Jazz Funk, Jazz, Ballet, and Hip Hop lead her to the World Stage on Team Canada at the age of 15. 

Unfortunately, at 16, she was faced with the ultimate trial of her faith and passions after surviving a life threatening boating accident that resulted in the loss of her left hand. Kristie now pursues the industry as the only single handed professional dancer across Canada. Overcoming each obstacle that has followed the amputation is what makes Kristie who she is today: a courageous, driven, passionate and growing inspiration to anyone she may meet on her path.

After moving to Vancouver in 2015, Kristie received a placement in Harbours Intensive Training Program where she continued to train in all styles under the direction of Moe Brody in addition to Acting workshops with Nadine Wright. Following ITP; Kristie’s love for dance had flourished into the style of Hip Hop. Becoming a member of TwoFourSeven Company under the direction of Carlo Atienza and Roberta Bierman. Where they recently took home 3rd place, representing Canada at the at VIBE XXIII in Los Angeles, California. 

Kristie’s restless pursuance has graciously given her opportunities in Film and Television. Working closely with renowned director Kenny Ortega and legendary choreographer Jamal Sims on Disneys Descendants 3 and Tony Testa on Disney’s Descendants 2 Original Movie which lead to exclusive interviews with Disney Channel, J-14 Magazine, and Teen Vogue. Music videos from the film where Kristie was featured has generated over 140,000,000 views on each video through Youtube platform. Other recent credits include Missy Ds Music Video “XX” and recent commercials for Toyotas Paralympic Campaign featuring 6X Gold Medalist Lauren Woodcraft. 

On the other side of film and television, Kristie also works as a Physical Disability Consultant. Working 1-1 with actors who are portraying a physically disabled character, bringing honesty and connection between the actor and character. Coaching both mentally and physically from insights on the mental process of an amputee and learning how to explore and conquer the physical aspect of working with prosthetics and the special affects teams in the process. Kristie recently spent 5 months on the production of Sacred Lies coaching actress Elena Kampouris on portraying a double amputee where the character lost both of her hands. Kristie's work has now been printed online in articles for The Emmys, Entertainment Weekly, Seat42D, Starry Magazine and multiple interviews from Comic Con 2018.

Other stage credits include: Vancouver’s Spring Show, where Kristie received acknowledgment from The Province Of British Columbia for her powerful and inspiring role in the show as the featured soloist and choreographer of the 2017 Production. Opportunities following the performance lead to traveling on full scholarship across the globe to train at the Internationally Renowned Institution of Higher Education of Dance in China, The Beijing Dance Academy. 

Aside from Kristie’s passion for dance, she also has the love for health and fitness. Recently graduating from The National Academy of Sports and Medicine with her Personal Training Certification and Performance Enhancement Specialization where she puts to work running her own company SITAFITT educating and cross-training dancers internationally. 

Powerful, inspiring, driven and determined, Kristie continues on her path with pure optimism and dedication; exploring and conquering every opportunity that is presented.