“Helping Women Find Their Voice And Strength Through Fitness”


SITAFITT is an Online Personal Training Service for WOMEN. As a company we encourage all women to find their voice and strength through fitness. SITAFITT Programming isn't just about physique progression but we are determined to equally create your strongest mindset that gives life to lost confidence. Your mind has an incredible amount of power and can control 100% of your physical results.


SITAFITT pursues women to find their voice and strength through fitness. We believe that all women have a voice that need to be herd and all women have a confidence that is worth being discovered and unraveled. These women are the future.

Women are so freaking powerful but we have convinced our self we are capable of so little. I truly believe when you create a healthy body to live in it changes everything. It changes our attitude, perspective, determination, priorities, and empowerment. I want to inspire ALL women to overcome and push our bodies to find light and our confidence again.
— Your Coach, Kristie



From a very young age Kristie knew she wanted to change the world of fitness through the eyes of women. After surviving a life threatening boating accident in 2014 the only way Kristie recovered was through her pursuit of fitness and dance despite the adversity she faced of the amputation of her left hand.

Kristie is determined to help other women through SITAFITT to come back into their light and discover the power within them through building a strength based confidence both mentally and physically.


ONE-ON-ONE Online Coaching

WE ARE A TEAM. This programming isn't just about physique progression but we want to equally create your strongest mindset that gives life to lost confidence. Your mind has an incredible amount of power and will absolutly control your physical results. As a mentor, professional and friend this relationship is built on trust. Let's get both of them straight and learn the tools you need to SUCCEED and BLOOM.

Working together to build confidence and an unstoppable body to push forward and change your future. You are only one step away from the biggest and best commitment of your life. Lets do it together and I will be cheering you on by your side every step of the way!

“Your dedication to your work and your clients’ progression has made such an insanely huge impact on my overall health and well-being — I’ve genuinely never been this happy with my body until I started working with you!!!”



Subscription Programs For WOMEN


HOMEFITT & GYMFITT are training programs created for women of all body types, athletic ability, and health goals! Building a community of badass women finding their voice and strength through new found confidence and strength.

Take your health upon your hands and pursuing an active lifestyle with a community of support behind you!

Subscription Programs For DANCERS


DANCERFITT is an Online Training Subscription Membership with exclusive workout programming and education for thriving Dancers who are ready to take on their strongest mindset and performance.

These programs are designed for Dancers wanting guidance in cross-training with education on program design and technique.


“You inspired me so much! When I wanted to give up at the gym, I was like “Well Kristie can do this with one hand, why cant you?” You’re so passionate about dance and health too, which motivates me! I am investing in myself & dance career more now and I can’t do that without taking care of my body ✨


I’m also soooo happy with the improvement I’ve made with feeling comfortable at the gym cause that was my biggest problem before and now I just feel so good!


Previous month has been so incredible (as always) — my obliques are friggin SNATCHED and my booty is feeling lifted to the gods 🙏🏽❤️✨